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We have our own iPad, and keyboard!

22nd September 2022

The children stayed in their classroom while the hall was set up. Then with the final countdown music blaring, the children entered the hall through a balloon archway above the door. The children were so excited and the children were asked to locate their iPads on the tables. When the children located their iPads with the boxes they sat down on a chair with a helium balloon attached.

The children were so happy and just wanted to turn the iPads on immediately. The teacher played the countdown from 10 and then the children took off the bows tying the boxes and iPad together. The joy in the room was electric and it was just like the opening of presents on Christmas Day morning .

The look on the children’s faces was of joy and anticipation of what lay ahead. Next, the teacher with support from other staff worked through the presentation explaining how to log onto google classroom and set up passwords for the iPads. The children also got to try out different apps just as TT Rockstars and were taught how to access the control centre and work the camera. The children really enjoyed taking selfies of themselves and annotating over their pictures. The children loved taking an iPad, keyboard and balloon home. This was what some of the children said about the day.

Toby in Year 4 said “I loved the unboxing because it was so much fun with balloons and the iPads will be fantastic for our learning”

Lila said “I loved the unboxing because we had a balloon arch and got to have our own iPad with a keyboard. It was awesome!”