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How to Choose the Right Primary School: 6 Essential Tips

14th November 2023


Deciding on the right primary school for your child can be an exciting yet daunting task. As you embark on this important journey, it’s vital to consider various factors that contribute to the making of a nurturing and effective educational environment. Tenterfields Primary Academy, a historic and community-focused school in Halesowen, offers an exemplary setting for your child's educational growth. Here are six essential tips to help you in making an informed choice:


  •  Embrace the School's Ethos and Values: When considering primary schools, it’s important to find one whose ethos resonates with your own family values. Tenterfields Primary Academy’s motto, "Learning Together, Growing Together," reflects their commitment to collaborative learning and personal development, ensuring a supportive atmosphere for your child.


  •  Understand the Curriculum and Additional Offerings: A  balanced and inclusive curriculum is the cornerstone of a primary school's educational provision. At Tenterfields, they offer a broad curriculum with the added benefit of a maintained nursery and specialised programs like a breakfast and twilight club, catering to diverse needs and schedules.


  • Evaluate the Quality of Care and Education Ofsted reports and school achievements: These  are indicators of the quality of education and care provided. Tenterfields takes pride in its excellent reputation and the family-oriented environment, stemming from a history of dedication to children's well-being and learning since 1909.


  •  Consider the Community Involvement community links: These can greatly enhance the school experience. As part of the Windsor Academy Trust, Tenterfields enjoys a network of support and shared best practices, enriching the educational landscape for every child.


  • Visit and Experience the School: Nothing compares to witnessing the school environment first-hand. Tenterfields Primary Academy welcomes prospective families to visit and experience their unique, caring atmosphere and to meet the dedicated staff.


  •  Plan for the Future look for schools: That not only cater to the immediate educational needs but also prepare children for the next stages of their education. Tenterfields is committed to providing a solid foundation that ensures a smooth transition to secondary education and beyond.


In conclusion, Tenterfields Primary Academy stands out as a prime example of what a nurturing, quality primary education can look like in Halesowen. With a history of educational excellence and a future-focused approach, Tenterfields is not just a school but a community, eagerly waiting to welcome your family.